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so, i stumbled upon this article while i was tumblr surfing (i don't have tumblr, by the way, i just love the stuff posted there!). and ever since i heard Darren attending Coachella (this sort of festival where nothing but indie bands rock people's socks off) to support his brother, who's in Freelance Whales, which i actually like before i knew Darren brother was in, i was looking out for articles with him and indie music somehow intertwined. and this popped up!

and apparently, those 5 bands are:
  • Yelle
  • Tame Impala
  • Freelance Whales (duh!)
  • Foals
  • Phoenix
and i am excited to say that, out of the 5 bands he highlighted, i know and like, 3 bands in that list, it being Phoenix, Foals and Freelance Whales. and not do i only like Phoenix, i love them. granted, i've heard only one album of their, i love that album! it's 'Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix', if you're interested.

so, since i've always wanted to write about bands i like, i'll list down my 5 must-here indie bands!
  • Shout Out Louds
  • The Morning Benders
  • Smith Westerns
  • The Radio Dept.
  • Cat's Eyes
i know most of my friends here on LJ are avid listeners of k-pop, but if ever you are tired of the same monotonous melody of k-pop, try listening to these instead. they are a breath of fresh air.
Apr 20 2011 - new layout!
thanks to spire for the lovely layout! i absolutely love it!

and it is official; Darren Criss is now my favourite actor AND my favourite singer. and i think he is one of the most beautiful creation God ever made.

if any of you Darren/Blaine lovers out there haven't checked out his songs yet, i strongly advise you do. my favourite has got to be 'Not Alone' because the lyrics are so poignant and sweet without having a scent of corniness in it. i read a comment somewhere that they think Darren has the best voice in Glee & i absolutely agree with that statement. this boy better be a regular on Glee or Ryan Murphy might lose some fans! plus, Kurt will be heartbroken.

i am on my way to completing my batch of Darren icons. there will be only 10 but with the ones i've made so far, i think they're the best i've made so far. oh! and i've written a Blurt/Klaine fic titled 'Creep' but i have yet to post it cos... i was lazy. i took a quiz & it stated that i was 100% sloth. didn't need a quiz to tell me that!

so, yeah. i'll probably post the fic tonight. and the icons some time later.

until then, i hope your life goes about smoothly!
'cos after hearing 'Endless Blue', a new song of theirs which they performed at 'Off Festival 2010', something tells me that their 3rd studio album will be just as good, if not better, than their two previous albums. i'm addicted to that song and even though it sounds different 'Strange House' & 'Primary colours', i think they manage to evlove and grow towards a more matured and better musical path without losing their Horrors appeal.

and The Horrors are not a band i thought i'd find myself fancying. their 'Strange House' image was, well, strange. but they soften up for 'Primary Colours'. and, after knowing them as a band and individually, to my surprise, they are an articulate and cultured bunch of musicians.
they know their music, they stand by their image and style, and they are adamant about making music their way.
which is why i am so in love with them.
they don't give a damn whether their music are liked by the public, they don't care whether their music are played on air, they can't be bothered if their albums make money, all they want is to play good, quality music their way, and really, that's how it such be. it's just so refreshing to hear a band saying that they won't compromise in order to capture people's attention and hearts.
if they ever did change to 'fit in', they would be like any other bands, who lose themselves in their desperate pursuit of fame and fortune.
and Rhys agrees with me...
"But, at the same time we're never gonna appeal to everyone, and we don't even want to. I don't want to be in Arctic Monkeys or Oasis or, god forbid, something like Coldplay. I know that's what most bands would say but, to be honest, the idea of mediocrity is something that scares me very much. I'd rather sit on one side of someone's fence and I'll quite happily sit on the [side of] hatred, I quite enjoy that."
wise words, Spider, wise words.

and i think that's the reason why Korean Pop isn't what it used to be for me.
now, every one sounds, looks, acts, dances the same.
it's as if they have this huge 'Idol Factory' where they essemble idols according to the manual given; extremely thin, tall, and beautiful. voice and talent are secondary. the quality is just not the same anymore.
it's unfortunate 'cos i used to have such joy dancing and singing along to all this Korean songs i don't even understand.
and i know, most of you (my LJ friends) are pro-kpop, but it's just not working for me anymore.
i still love my biases, Big Bang (COMEBACK! COMEBACK!), SHINee, Beast, f(x), but for the rest, i just don't bother.

and it's not just k-pop; it's the same with a few of the bands i use to listen to.
i love what Good Charlotte was doing pre-Good Morning Revival but 'Cardiology' is completely different from what they started off with.
same goes for Avril Lavigne. i was a big fan of her 'Complicated' days. but after 'Let Go', i let go of her as well.
and i've never been a huge fan of Maroon 5 or The All-American Rejects but i'm still disappointed with what they have to offer now.
and the worse part is, most bands are like this. they start off exceptionally good and they gradually lose their originality and individuality.

and another reason why i love The Horrors so much is that they are not your typical rock & roll band where all that matters are boobs, drugs and booze. they do drink, and they smoke like lung cancer doesn't exist, and i'm pretty sure they do or have done drugs, but most of the time, they act sane and sober and civilised.
and they're so different from a typical rocker; Josh's has a degree in physics, Tom has a cat named Klaus, Rhys is a mod and Faris is a really talented artiste.
three of them are in a serious relationship.
oh, and Joe is a dancing machine!

they are truly an amazing band and you can see they take pride in their music, regardless of how much money it's making them. which is rare these days.

Faris, Josh, Tom, Joe and Rhys♥, please don't ever change.
you guys are horribly good just the way you are.
i love the colours of my layout and my profile layout! and as always, despite being an IT student, my layouts always turn out wonky! but despite that, it looks good! you can definitely tell my mood depending on my layouts because when i feel a bit down and dark, i will choose the darker and minimalist layouts, but when i feel up and about, i will choose the colourful ones. in a way, i'm saying i'm predictable. but i'm okay with that...

the burtka-harris love affairCollapse )
wow! i haven't updated for the longest time, you guys must think i'm gone or something. but i'm still here, well and alive!

first of all, before i start blabbering about some thing which might bore you or be an insignificant matter to you, HAPPY NEW YEAR! i hope 2011 will be the year where we find love and our hope and dreams will come true. i'll be turning the big 2-0 this year. i know 21 is the big one, but the fact that i won't be a teenager anymore is kind of sad. i hope this isn't an early sign that i will be experiencing my mid-life crisis early...

and the babble goes on...Collapse )
Nov 29 2010 - new layout!
thanks velvetb0x for making such awesome layouts!

and i am so glad that S.M The Ballad's new mini album is out!
i love 'Hot Times'. but to be honest with you, the rest of the album is a bit bland and one-dimension to me.
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