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hey miss daydreamer
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psychotic sounds for freaks and weirdos 
Jan 30 2011
i have fallen in love with this new awesome band... THE HORRORS!

they hail from Southend, England and they consists of Faris Badwan, Joshua Hayward, Tom Cowan, Joseph Spurgeon and Rhys 'Spider' Webb.

they have two studio albums; Strange House and Primary Colours. i think both albums are horrifyingly good despite being slightly different from each other. Strange House, to me, carries a very raw sound, with more guitars and more punk rock while Primary Colours, which is more to my taste, has this futuristic sound blending in with their previous sound. it's like they traveled to the future, heard the music then, decided they liked it, and wanted to sound more like the future. and Mirror's Image from Primary Colours has got to be my favourite song from them.

and my favourite member has got to be Rhys 'Spider' Webb. he is cool, he's got style and he dances funny!

check them out!
Jan 30 2011 (UTC)
They look kinda odd and weird and scary and awesome at the same time, so I gotta check them out, esp since I love British music, haha. thanks for making a post about them, I'm all for exploring some new good music shit rn.
Feb 04 2011 (UTC)
they look way creepy, but trust me, they are a bunch of silly, fun-loving gentlemen.

and if you have any good artist, feel free to recommend them to me! i would appreciate it loads!
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