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26 Darren icons 
Apr 23 2011
remember my previous post where i said i was on my way in making some icons? well, HERE THERE ARE! and not to sound cocky or whatever, but i really do think this is my best batch so far. and i haven't made icons for a long time now. so, i really hope all you Darren Criss' fans out there, who happens to stumble upon my post, i hope you like them!








okay, so i DID NOT make the textures. i used a lot of textures, from a whole lot of different makers. they are nivani , dazzlebox , dreamscarred , dreamscarred , joel_le , zehava_1010 , emonet25 , crazydd & mitsuki_hime . there is, however, this one texture which i didn't know who made. so, if the maker recognises his/her texture, feel free to tell me & i'll credit you!

please credit czu_1391  when if using & i'll greatly appreciate the time you have taken to comment this post=)
Apr 22 2011 (UTC)
I LOVE these!
Taking the 8th one for now!
(will credit obvs.)
Apr 26 2011 (UTC)
i'm glad you like them! i am very flattered!

Apr 22 2011 (UTC)
These are pretty damn awesome! I am loving the million colours.
Apr 26 2011 (UTC)
this comment is pretty damn awesome! thank you!
Apr 25 2011 (UTC)
These are all just... tiny works of art. Astonishing. Wtg.
Apr 26 2011 (UTC)
you're too kind! thank you!
Apr 26 2011 (UTC)
You're welc. :) So many icons just look the same. These stand out. I really admire the effort.
Apr 27 2011 (UTC)
your comments are just pure love<3
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