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Darren Criss' 5 must-hear indie bands 
Apr 29 2011
so, i stumbled upon this article while i was tumblr surfing (i don't have tumblr, by the way, i just love the stuff posted there!). and ever since i heard Darren attending Coachella (this sort of festival where nothing but indie bands rock people's socks off) to support his brother, who's in Freelance Whales, which i actually like before i knew Darren brother was in, i was looking out for articles with him and indie music somehow intertwined. and this popped up!

and apparently, those 5 bands are:
  • Yelle
  • Tame Impala
  • Freelance Whales (duh!)
  • Foals
  • Phoenix
and i am excited to say that, out of the 5 bands he highlighted, i know and like, 3 bands in that list, it being Phoenix, Foals and Freelance Whales. and not do i only like Phoenix, i love them. granted, i've heard only one album of their, i love that album! it's 'Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix', if you're interested.

so, since i've always wanted to write about bands i like, i'll list down my 5 must-here indie bands!
  • Shout Out Louds
  • The Morning Benders
  • Smith Westerns
  • The Radio Dept.
  • Cat's Eyes
i know most of my friends here on LJ are avid listeners of k-pop, but if ever you are tired of the same monotonous melody of k-pop, try listening to these instead. they are a breath of fresh air.
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