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hey miss daydreamer
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hot timesCollapse )

i'm excited for S.M. The Ballad. are you guys?
Oct 29 2010 - When A Door Closes
jongkey 01
2, 652 words
PG-15; for swearing and mentions of sex
this whole jonghyun thing has given me all sorts off of fic ideas! and none of them are angst /shudders at the word
and this is jongkey except in a best friend way, not OTP way. but hey! their friendship is beautiful♥

I could feel my smile fading, I could feel my heart crumbling a bit, and I could feel my dinner making its way up my throat.Collapse )
Oct 28 2010 - Someday
jongkey 01
992 words
PG-15; for swearing
no specific genre but i would say it's realistic with a happy twist at the end.
look, i still love this pairing. i don't think i'll stop supporting them or stop writing about them. and also, what's up with all these angst fics popping up? this is not an angst fic, just to be clear. it isn't fluff either. but, it's a fic that, i think, will make you still believe in jongkey. these two have a beautiful friendship. let's believe in that, okay? also, if there's any grammar mistakes, please alert me, this was written in 20 minutes, so you can imagine the English.

"You're happy?" And it came out more like a question than a statement.Collapse )
yes, this post is about you know who dating you know who. if you're tired about listening to people constantly ranting about them then, i'm sorry i'm on those people. judge me.

=\Collapse )

Good luck
Don't you feel so bad
Just don't get your hopes up
Oh, there's no reason why
Oct 23 2010 - 25 things; meme
once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 7 people to be tagged.

ahmins3  tagged me

1. i am Czuleika!Collapse )
jongkey 01
finally everything will be alright.Collapse )


Oct 08 2010 - i am butthurt.
cos SHINee isn't listed as one of the #1 contenders on Music Bank =(

Hello is an adorably awesome song, why isn't it getting the ♥ it deserves?
Oct 05 2010 - Hello Hello!

i am in love. Lee Jinki, truly you are an amazing man. don't ever change, bb, no matter how awkward your sangtae can be. you are endearing and precious and perfect♥
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